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Roofing Insurance Claims

When You Need To File A Roofing Insurance Claim You Can Count On Us To Work With You

We know that circumstances are less than ideal when you have to file a roofing insurance claim. We’ve helped many families get their roof back in great shape and be able to move back into their home quickly after an unfortunate event like a tree falling onto the roof, or roof and home damage from our rough Oklahoma weather. When it comes to filing roofing insurance claims, you can count on us to get you an accurate quote, and to get the job done right.


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Storm damage on your roof, leaks, roofing repairs, and even new roofs. We’ve got you covered. We’ve helped our fellow neighbors all over Green Country from Tulsa, Broken Arrow and everywhere in between.

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How Roof Damage Claims Affect Home Owners Insurance

Understanding Your Insurance Policy

The best way to not be caught off guard is to know what’s in your homeowner’s insurance policy ahead of time. The easiest way to do this is to contact your insurance provider.

If you have significant damage to your roof that requires immediate attention, you definitely want to start the claim filing process as quickly as you can. However, if the damage is not severe, or affecting your ability to still live in your home, you may want to first take a look at your insurance policy to see what your coverage is, and how filing a roof damage claim could affect your policy or deductible.

We can always come out for an in-person assessment, to help you understand exactly what type of repair you’ll be looking at, and provide you with paperwork that can help you when you speak with your insurance.

The Age of Your Roof

Did you know that the age of your roof can be a factor at the time that it’s damaged?

In some cases if your roof is less than 10 years old, you might even end up being covered for the full cost of the damage. Once your roof gets past the age of 10 though, that’s where depreciation comes in.

Your insurance company will most likely take into account the age of the roof (If it’s older than 10 years) in order to calculate depreciation into the amount of your claim.

Depreciation takes into account wear and tear from regular life based on the years it’s been installed, decreasing it’s over all value before they start taking the damage into account.


How Depreciation Plays Into Your Roofing Insurance Claims

This one’s really going to come down to your insurance company.  In our experience, some roofing insurance claims will only receive coverage up to the depreciated value of your roof. We’ve also seen other policies that cover the full cost – 100% of your roofing repair or even roof replacement.

If there is damage that’s discovered during the roof inspection that is classified as regular damage from aging or normal wear and tear it may not be covered in your claim.


What Causes Increases In Your Premium?

Did you know that in some cases that we’ve seen, even talking to your insurance company about a repair can result in a report to the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange, which maintains an “insurance score” for homeowners.  This score can affect your ability to obtain new insurance coverage, or even replacement coverage. This is why we recommend being certain that you want to file a claim before contacting your homeowner’s insurance provider.

If your roof was damaged as a result of wind or hail (Which we see all too regularly here in Oklahoma), it is usually considered an Act of God, and typically doesn’t affect your insurance rate.

Now situations that may be considered under your control would be something like a tree branch near the structure that could have been trimmed. A scenario like that could affect your policy.

Often times though, your first claim on a policy doesn’t affect your premium.


When To File A Roofing Insurance Claim

When it’s time to file a claim, we really do recommend having your roofing contractor there, on site with the insurance adjuster during the inspection. If you’ve called us, we’ll make sure that your adjuster gets an accurate picture of the damage and do our best to get you the full settlement that you are entitled to. We’ve done enough of these to know that sometimes you don’t always get a fair shake if you’re dealing with the insurance company by yourself.

It’s always a good idea to make sure that you understand your home owner’s policy in regards to what damage is covered and what your possible deductible would be. It never hurts to have an assessment completed prior to getting your insurance involved.

Roofing Insurance Claims FAQ

How Do I Identify Hail Damage?

Most hail storms that we experience here in Tulsa produce hail that is too small to cause significant damage. However, from time to time we do get very severe hail storms. If you experience a hail storm with very large or unusual shapes of hail it could cause some major roof damage. If you’ve experienced a sever hail storm, we recommend scheduling an inspection before making a decision on getting your insurance involved.

Why is my insurance company not paying for depreciation?

In some cases, during roofing insurance claims, an insurance provider may hold back some of the money related to depreciation. This is typically done to make sure that you’re getting the work done on your roof. They want to make sure that your actually spending the money on your repair.

They also may want to make sure that you pay your deductible. By holding the depreciation amount back, they can make sure that the amount of the final payout is based on your roofing contractor’s invoice.

My neighbor’s home had damage from the storm  and their insurance company paid for an entire new roof. Why am I only getting covered for part of my roof?

In the years that we’ve been doing roofing, we’ve never seen two homes with the exact same damage after a storm. Your neighbor may have had more significant damage. Another thing to remember here is the fact that you should have your roofing contractor present for the inspection with your insurance representative. This can ensure that no damage is missed. Prestige Roofing looks out for our customers to make sure that you receive the maximum benefit and repairs that your home needs.

Why would my estimate from the contractor be more than the insurance company’s estimate?

Whenever this happens, it’s typically due to something that the insurance adjuster missed during the inspection. Don’t worry though. We can work with your insurance company to supplement the information already submitted on your claim.  We use pictures, measurements and other documents to do this. If the insurance company approves this additional information they can then provide funding for the additional repairs needed.

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