Roof in the summer

Snow and ice can really take a toll on the roof of your Tulsa commercial building, but the brutal heat of an Oklahoma summer isn’t a picnic, either. When you consider the number of tornadoes that have hit Tulsa in the past few years in the summer, you have to admit that the summer months can be just as damaging as the cold temperatures in winter.

Why Is Summer So Hard on the Roof?

The summer heat causes the materials of the roof to expand. At night, when temperatures go back down, the roofing materials contract and shrink back to normal. This phenomenon is completely normal, but it can cause roofing materials to deteriorate because it wears them out. It’s a substantial amount of wear and tear, but hard to measure because you can’t always see the immediate cracks where leaks can form. 

Heavy winds and storms are also damaging to roofing systems. Tulsa may not see much rain in August, but in 2017, the average gust wind speed was 25 mph, with gusts up to 46 mph. Stronger winds can rip off tile and other parts of the roof.

Prepare Your Roof

You can’t stop the winds or the heat, but you can take care of your roof. Having a professional inspection of your commercial roof can help you locate any potential problems before they become major issues. Here’s what to look for:

  • Check the roof’s surface

Even the best materials only last so long. Maintaining the surface of the roof improves the lifespan of the roof by spotting minor problems where the material has become vulnerable over the winter. By replacing the material at the signs of smaller problems, you avoid bigger problems.

  • Check the gaps in the roof

Your roof isn’t a solid piece. You probably have skylights, vents, chimneys or other gaps that provide ventilation. The material that covers those holes in the roof is called flashing. Over time, the flashing wears out and makes your roof vulnerable to leaks. Having the flashing inspected and replaced when necessary, makes your roof last longer.

  • Look for water damage and drainage issues

Commercial roofs are often flat, which leads to ponding problems on the roof when the drainage isn’t working properly. When water sits in one spot, that part of the roof weakens prematurely. Ponding is often caused by warped materials or deformed wood, and ponding compounds the problem. Your professional roofer in Tulsa can help you find a solution to keep your business protected. Don’t forget to check your gutters and drains to ensure that water can flow freely off the roof.

Have a Good Team

Develop a relationship with a  before you have an emergency. You want to be confident in the people taking care of your roofing problems. By having a company that regularly inspects your roof, you know they’re going to catch small differences in the way the roof looks. Call Prestige Roofing today to make sure your commercial roof will stand up to Mother Nature this summer.