Tulsa Metal RoofsWhat are the Advantages of Using a Metal Roof? If you want to install a new roof, you have many choices ahead of you before you call a Tulsa roofer to install your roof. You want to pick a roof which matches the style of your home, but you also need to take durability into consideration. The roof is going to need to last against the elements, from ultraviolet rays to strong wind to hail. Every kind of roofing has its advantages and disadvantages.

While you might opt for an asphalt shingle roof, consider possibly choosing a metal roof instead. In this blog post, we’re going to look over the advantages of choosing a metal roof, given it matches your building’s style.

Topics covered in this article about What are the Advantages of Using a Metal Roof:

  • Metal Roofs are Durable
  • Metal Roofs Can Look Beautiful
  • Other Metal Roofing Advantages

Metal Roofs are Durable

Asphalt, while often aesthetically pleasing, deteriorates in about 17 years on average. This is because the asphalt for the shingles is made from recycled fiberglass and paper.  Metal, on the other hand, doesn’t decompose, and is tough enough to last against whatever the elements throw at it. Tiles and wooden shingles also can’t compare to metal roofs in terms of durability. While these, too, compliment certain types of building nicely, if sturdiness is the main factor you are looking for, a metal roof is superior, especially in terms of longevity.

Metal Roofs Can Look Beautiful

While the robustness of metal roofing is a large draw, it doesn’t mean they are just ugly slabs of metal hastily installed as a roof. Indeed, all across the United States, there are many examples of beautiful metal roofs which can match your home’s style. Furthermore, you can purchase a metal roof stylized to resemble popular roof styles.

Some metal roofs look like shingles, others are designed to look like slate, and others resemble tile. There are a large variety of colors to choose from, too, so the metal won’t stand out whenever you have it installed. All in all, it should blend in with the rest of the houses in the neighborhood.

Contractors Can Install Metal Roofs Quickly

Compared to other roofing materials, metal roofs can be installed quickly, often requiring two fewer days of installation. While this might not seem like much less time, if there are supposed to be storms around the time you’re having your roof installed, then every day counts.

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Other Metal Roofing Advantages

  • Metal roofs are an eco-friendly choice of roof since they are composed of as much as 60% recycled materials.
  • Metal roofs hold in warm and cool air, lowering your electricity bill and saving you money.
  • Your home’s value increases with a metal roof installed.
  • Depending on the material it’s made out of, your metal roof could last you as long as 70 years.
  • Metal roofs do not require much maintenance; often all you need to do is keep them clean using your hose.
  • Contact your roofing insurance company, because they might offer a discount for using a metal roof.

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In short, there are many advantages from installing a metal roof. So, before you contact your roofing contractor about a new roof, consider installing a metal roof.