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Metal Roof Repair & Installation

When you’re in the market for a new roof, before you hire a roofing contractor, you might consider metal roofing as an option. There are several styles, you can choose from, and various advantages to the different kinds of metal available.
However, if you want a metal roof for your home, then it’s a good idea to learn about how long it will take to install. Perhaps you already have a metal roof but want to know about repairing it should something happen to it. Today, we’re going to discuss the following:
Let’s take a look.

Types of Metal Roofs

In general, there are five kinds of metal roofs:
  • Tin roofs. These are tough and weather resistant, but they also are pricey and will require a professional to install.
  • Galvanized steel roofs. This kind of steel has a zinc coating to help it resist corrosion. This kind of metal roof comes in several designs and will last a long time.
  • Copper roofs. These roofs look exquisite and add an elegant touch to your home. Be aware, though, that it is also expensive.
  • Galvalume roofs. Similar to galvanized steel, it is coated with zinc. The difference lies with the addition of aluminum to the roof’s coating.
  • Aluminum roofs. These kinds of roofs will not rust and won’t even need replacement if you take care of it. If you live in a wet climate, this is the type of roof you need.

Metal Roof Installation Speed

The ultimate answer is that it depends on the type of roof, and the roofing contractor. Most Tulsa roofing companies will be happy to tell you how long it will take. In general, though, it should be among the faster types of roofs to install. Even if it’s only by a few days, the less your deck and underlayment need to be exposed to the elements, the better.

The Advantages of a Metal Roof

While we’ve covered this in a previous topic (What are the Advantages of Using a Metal Roof), we will reiterate the points here. If stylized right, they will look stunning on any house. Furthermore, metal roofs are highly durable, so they’ll provide you with longevity. In fact, metal roofs will last you between 30 and 70 years if you maintain it.
You won’t need to worry about roof fires, since metal roofs are fire resistant. Mildew won’t be a problem, and neither will insects. Additionally, metal roofs tend to be easier to install than other types of roofing. In other words, metal roofs pay for themselves.

Repairing a Metal Roof

When the time comes for roof repairs, the first thing needed is the right material. You don’t want to patch up a copper roof with galvanized steel, for example. While several types of metal roofs resist rust, corroded fasteners are still a potential issue. They allow moisture to get under the roofing, which can cause problems for the underlayment and deck. The simple solution here is to replace the damaged fasteners. If possible, replace them with ones made from corrosion-resistant metals.
Sometimes, metal panel deterioration is unavoidable. If the roof is not made with rust-resistant materials, then rusting might be the culprit. Maybe tornado season damaged your roof. In any case, damaged metal panels require replacement. Instead of patching over them, they will need to be removed, and then replaced with new panels.
For holes in the metal, you can purchase metal sealant to fill them. First, you will need to clean the metal. After making sure no dirt remains, dry the surface and apply the sealant with a trowel.
In any case, if you need a metal roof installed or repaired, we recommend you contact a professional roofer for assistance.

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